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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Meet the Balconys...

For some time now the combined forces of Mark Caramelli and Paul Hargreaves have been causing quite a stir under their guise, Death on the Balcony. Their style fuses a range of influences from Disco & Deep House through to House & Deep Techno depending on the time, space and environment. Years of dedicated musical passion and an appreciation of numerous genres have lead to their sound becoming perfected and receiving popularity across the board...

Death on the Balcony’s release schedule is continually active with DOTB releasing & remixing with the likes of Culprit LA, Pets Recordings, Silver Network, Illusion Recordings, Akbal Music, Airdrop, Hissy Fit & Join The Dots. Whether it’s disco inflected fuel or house rhythms, these eclectically deft producers will juxtapose anything they lay their hands upon, mixing the beat of the drum with the melodic buzz of a hazy brain.

As one of the UK’s finest up and coming acts Death on the Balcony will be delivering more productions, remixes and playing world wide gigs as their range of musicality continues to evolve and they deliver a unique, well-timed narrative of the best sounds around.

Yowzah!!! #08 in Juno's Deep House charts, #12 in the Disco section and #26 overall plus millions of sweet mails and comments from all over the world. Support comes from Tensnake, Robert Ownes, Kruse & Nuernberg, Mark Farina, Animal Trainer, Larse, Bonar Bradberry and Jay West (to name a few), Doctor Dru sent a kiss, Nhan Solo a heart and DJ Sneak didn't like it at all.

Speaking of charts (thee subject): This is what the Balconys playing this spring... DOTB Spring Chart on Beatport

And if you want to hear how "Speak On The Subject" from their EP works between the new Casino Times on Wolf Music and one of Huxley's recent remixes, feel free to listen to Shur-I-Kan's "March 2014" mix on soundcloud:


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DIKSOF 016 - Death On The Balcony - In.tune.itions EP

DIKSO welcomes 2014 with an EP from DEATH ON THE BALCONY, two handsome boys from London that perfectly fit in the gap between the different styles that Dikso is all about. Their biography sounds like that their way sooner or later had to lead to Dikso. Let’s celebrate this meeting at the crossways of musical history with three brandnew original tracks plus a remix from Dikso landlord Daniel Solar.

01 – Speak On The Subject / TT 07:36
02 – Make My Move / TT 07:13
03 – Heart For Rent / TT 08:04
04 – Heart For Rent (Daniel Solar Remix) / TT 07:36


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIKSO 015 - Daniel Solar - Grassroots EP

Solar activity on Dikso. Label boss Daniel Solar returns with a new EP and some helping hands from Stee Downes on the mic, Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg with the mixer and Berlin homie Mario Aureo on the composition. The tracks are ranging from disco to house, from mild to wild and should keep the audience from start to finish.

A1 - Daniel Solar - Someday / TT 06:48

Someday... somehow... it feels good! Does it point the direction to the promised land? Or is it just the hope for a better sexual experience? Send a mail to Doctor Solar. Meanwhile have fun on the floor with this peak time piano driver.

A2 - Daniel Solar - Someday (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) / TT 07:50

Pimp my car, pimp my track... More beats, more piano, more more. Try this for hot & spicy or go back to Daniel's version for the original taste.

B1 - Daniel Solar & Mario Aureo - I Do Believe (feat. Stee Downes) / TT 07:00

This is the voice of planet... Stee Downes. Dikso couldn't resist and asked him to join them on stage. Together with longtime production partner Mario Aureo he completes a new dream team and with "I Do Believe" they couldn't have started better.

B2 - Daniel Solar - Cookie Dough / TT 06:25

And what are we having for dessert? A disco-infected mid-tempo groover called cookie dough? Thank god you can dance the calories off with it.

DIGITAL BONUS - Daniel Solar & Mario Aureo - I Do Believe feat. Stee Downes (Mario Aureo Stripped Down Version) / TT 06:58

Stripping it down with Mario Aureo. A lesson in reducing a track gently to the max. Mario, you bad boy...

Grab your copy...

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